Profitable Lending on the TON Blockchain with Aqua Protocol

Maximize Your DeFi Potential with Our Over-Collateralized Stablecoin Protocol and Leading Liquid Staking Protocols on the TON Blockchain
Who Our Protocol is For
  • TON Enthusiasts Believing in Its Growth
    If you hold TONcoin and are confident in its future, our protocol allows you to participate in all the activities of the TON ecosystem without selling your assets.
  • Receiving Salary in TON
    For those earning in TONCOIN and believing in its growth, but in need of funds for current expenses, our protocol provides liquidity without the need to sell your TON.
  • Long-Term Investors in Liquid Staking
    Perfect for investors seeking to double their income from liquid staking, by making long-term investments and believing in the growth of TONCOIN.
  • Investors Seeking More Opportunities in DeFi
    Our protocol unlocks new investment strategies in the world of DeFi for those looking to maximize their opportunities and earnings, tailored to various risk profiles.
  • Projects and founders with grants and investments in TONCOIN
    The ideal solution for projects that have received grants or investments in TONCOIN and need to cover operational expenses and employee salaries without wanting to impact the market value of TONCOIN, provided they are confident in its long-term growth.
The credit in AquaUSD that you obtain can always be exchanged on DEX (with pairs to TON and jUSDT planned) and than withdrawn to any destination, whether it's another blockchain or a bank card
How does the Aqua protocol work?
Provide a deposit
Deposit your TONCOIN or liquid staking coins (stTon, tsTon, hTon, wlTon) to enable borrowing.
Get AquaUSD on credit
In return, receive AquaUSD, which will make up 50% of your collateral.

This collateralization percentage is required for the secure operation of the protocol, as the cryptocurrency used as collateral can be volatile.
Use AquaUSD in DeFi
AquaUSD can be used for exchanging into other coins or stablecoins, trading on exchanges, risk hedging, providing liquidity, buying NFTs, and much more. You can also re-deposit AquaUSD into the Aqua Protocol to gain leverage and increase the potential profit from liquid staking and a 2x increase in the price of Toncoin.
Repay the loan to retrieve your collateral
If you need to reclaim your collateral, you can do so at any time. Simply return the borrowed AquaUSD, and your collateral will be released and available for withdrawal in full.
What are your fees?
  • -1-
    The annual borrow rate
    The annual loan interest rate in the Aqua Protocol may vary depending on market conditions. Interest is calculated daily. Currently, we offer a unique rate of 0%, making loans through our protocol particularly attractive.
  • -2-
    The mint fee
    When obtaining a loan through the Aqua Protocol, you pay a fee that depends on the loan amount and does not exceed 0.5%. This helps maintain a high level of service quality and the security of your funds
  • -3-
    The loan repayment fee
    Repaying a loan in the Aqua Protocol incurs a minimal fee of up to 0.5%, making the use of our protocol advantageous and convenient.
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