Dive into AquaWorld: The Underwater Cyberpunk Revolution

Join a subversive community of visionaries who, disillusioned by the constraints of the surface world, have crafted a thriving underwater civilization. Experience the allure of Aqua Genesis NFTs, where art and avant-garde innovation merge in the depths of the digital ocean.
The Genesis of AquaWorld
Beneath the surface, in the vast expanse of AquaWorld, the brightest minds from above converged. Drawn by boundless innovation and freedom, these innovative, clever, and enthusiastic visionaries sought more than the surface could offer. Disenchanted by its limitations, they became Aqua citizens, crafting a thriving civilization in the depths where others only saw the abyss.
A Revolution in Financial Infrastructure
Their ingenuity knew no bounds. AquaWorld's citizens didn't just adapt; they revolutionized. Harnessing decentralized technology, they created a financial framework both transparent and pioneering. Central to this is AquaUSD, more than just a stablecoin. It epitomizes transparency and shares interest from its decentralized collateral, ensuring every holder benefits from AquaWorld's infrastructure.
The Aqua Evolution
The Aqua citizens' transformation was profound. Using advanced biotechnology and cybernetics, they became perfect hybrids for their aquatic realm. Gills for breathing, shimmering scales for protection, and biomechanical enhancements showcased their dedication to AquaWorld. This melding of human and marine attributes symbolizes their harmonious coexistence of nature and technology.

Total NFTs: 500, each with unique attributes and rarity.

Advantages of Owning Aqua Genesis NFTs
  • Investment in Financial Revolution
    By purchasing an NFT, you're investing in the development of a transparent financial ecosystem on the TON blockchain
  • Exclusive Access to a Closed Community and DEFI club
    Interact with visionaries and discuss the future of AquaWorld. Additionally, this close-knit community have an access to a DEFI club focused on DeFi education, exploring various protocols, yield strategies, risk assessments, and more. To join write @julia_innovator
  • Decision-Making Power
    As a holder, you can vote on changes to the protocol, thereby shaping the evolution of this underwater journey. This makes it the first-ever NFT-based DAO on the TON blockchain.
  • Priority Access to the Upcoming IDO
    Gain special discounts and early access to AQUA token sales, exclusively for NFT holders
  • Boosts, discounts and revenue sharing
    Optimize your rewards within the Aqua ecosystem. Each month, 10% of the protocol's revenue will be distributed to Aqua Genesis NFT holders.
  • Mark of the Elite
    The Aqua Genesis NFT isn't just a collectible; it's a symbol of affiliation with the forefront, proudly displayed as your avatar

Why own multiple Genesis NFTs from Aqua Protocol?
1) Each NFT will have a limit with available tokens at a reduced price during the IDO!

2) During the revenue distribution, 10% of the protocol's income will be distributed based on the number of NFTs, and rewards will be paid to NFT holders based on the number of NFTs they own.

Simple Example:
Imagine the following: for everyone else, the price of governance AQUA in the future IDO will be $1, but for you, as an NFT holder, there will be early access at a price of 60 cents for a certain amount (which will depend on the number of NFTs the owner possesses).

It's important to note that the actual prices are yet to be determined, as the tokenomics are still in development, but the overall structure will operate as described.
Join the Legacy
The Aqua Genesis NFTs are more than just art; they are pieces of a revolutionary history. By owning one, you're not merely an observer, but a participant in a legacy of boundless innovation. Join the pioneers of AquaWorld and become a part of a story that pushes the boundaries of what's possible
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