From the basics to a deep dive into the world of DeFi:
From Ethereum to TON

Join DEFI-academy and deepen your knowledge in the world of crypto. Our course will help you better understand and use DeFi protocols, even if you already have superficial knowledge. With our help, you will be able to expand your competencies and open new perspectives for crypto-investments and professional growth!
About DeFi Academy and its mission
This is the first training course on DeFi at TON
Immersing yourself in the world of the TON blockchain opens up unlimited possibilities. Many have already mastered the use of wallets, but the world of DeFi remains uncharted and full of complexities. We at DEFI-academy aim to change that.

To raise awareness of the opportunities DeFi offers and increase the total value of blockchain funds (TVL) in projects on TON, we have developed a unique course. Not only will it deepen your understanding of how DeFi protocols work and show how you can benefit from it, but it will also inspire new ideas and projects that have yet to be realized on TON.
In our course you will:
  • 1
    Explore top DeFi protocols and their operating principles that work on other blockchains and their counterparts in the TON ecosystem.
  • 2
    Understand the different DeFi strategies you can apply to grow your capital on TON and other blockchains.
  • 3
    Gain and knowledge to understand and utilize DeFi protocols, allowing you to move confidently in this dynamic field without getting confused by terms and avoiding scam projects.
  • 4
    Uncover unrealized opportunities in the TON ecosystem, gaining inspiration to create new projects and ideas.
Join DeFi-academy now!
Become part of the new wave of innovation in the DeFi world at TON. Together, we will not only push the boundaries of your knowledge, but also contribute to the development of the entire ecosystem, opening up new perspectives for investment and technological advancement.